Beyond Christmas…

I can’t imagine that there’s another manifestation of energy/ies in the world like those which emerge in the 24 hours of the second half of December 24 and the first half of December 25 AND the last few hours of December 31… It’s an intoxicating energetic serum that momentarily alters the perception of Truth, and erupts like molten lava throughout society (esp. the United States).
So right now…
I’m sending Love and understanding to all of you for whom this is “just another day”, and wish everyone would stop losing their mind because the calendar indicates ’tis the season to do so…I get it.
I’m rejoicing with all of you who are reverently and/or enthusiastically commemorating the appearance of Emmanuel, and grateful for Love being sent to free humanity from herself…I get that as well.
I’m sending hugs and compassion to all of you who have lost a loved one and/or for whom this is the hardest time of the year because you’re reminded of the conspicuous absence of the one(s) you feel most effectively created the space for Love to abide in your life and heart, leaving you feeling forgotten or abandoned…I know how that kind of loss feels.
I’m sending hope to all of you who have gotten unexpected news that will forever alter the course of your life and the way you see it…I’ve felt that anxiety too.
I’m parking my heart alongside those of you who are questioning your purpose and reason for staying on this ambiguous and sometimes ridiculous ferris wheel called “life”, and who are contemplating ejecting yourself from its insanity…I know that emptiness as well. Please stay and breathe through it with me…
For all the joy and cheer this time of year brings, it can be equally frustrating, frightening, paralyzing, confusing, and numbing. The factions, classes, and “sections” of humanity are never more clear or pronounced than in this season. Please suspend your judgments about people and their journeys, and tap into the abundance of grace that also tends to appear especially around this time of year.
There is a prescription for the unique essence that belongs to each of us that is absolutely needed in order to set the universe back in order. And ALL of us, wherever and however we are, have a key part to play and the cry of the world is that we learn to honor all of it…
So even if I don’t fully understand (because I don’t have to fully understand)…I SEE YOU.

About Expressions

Me just being joy, frustration, grief, anger, love, and ignance--and there will be PLENTY of ignance. These are my personal and EVOLVING thoughts. I emphasize "EVOLVING" because I don't apologize for any uncomfortable or unsettling entries, as they represent where I was at the time of the entry. Proud to be an ever growing, developing, and becoming human being...and I'm honored to have you join me on the journey. Thanks for stopping by! View all posts by Expressions

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