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Best of Enemies: An Actor’s Reflection

What if we told a different story? What if we learned a different story? Would that change the fundamentals of who we are, at our core? Would it make us more or less compassionate? Would it make us more or less prone to impatience or empathy? Would we participate in life at a different level? Would we still have the same friends and associates? Would our careers change? Would the people in our lives still play the roles or carry the significance they currently do (i.e., friend, lover, enemy, spouse, banker, bookkeeper, confidant, county clerk, cheerleader, judge, etc.)? Really… I want you to think about it: If the world, as you know it, wound up being COMPLETELY different from your current perspective, as you’ve created it, how would YOU “show up”?


These are questions I’m constantly asking myself (and being asked by the Universe as my life unfolds, and especially) in my current role as Ann Atwater. Now, all the research I’ve read says she was a civil rights activist (one article even called her an “icon”), but what that simply tells me is that she was a woman who insisted on being treated as a woman. Period. No caveats or stipulations. She was a mother who was intentional about her role as caregiver for her babies. She was a devoted wife who believed in her spouse past the point of dignity, in the name of “love” and Christian norms. And now I get to consult with Ann’s essence (largely based on what I’ve read and watched), stretch into depths beyond me, and present her to the world…again.

Ann Collage

As far as I know, I’m not related to this woman. But when I see her, I see my grandmother. [If they weren’t related, they still could have easily given Thelma and Louise a run for their money!]  When I read her story, I see my mom and remember many of the other mothers I’ve known. When I read about her struggles, and observe her insecurities as well as her absolute resolve, I’m looking into a mirror. So even though our stories and paths may not parallel exactly, I see her. Like, really see her.

Ann & Grandma

Ann Atwater (left), Marion Jean Cooper (my maternal grandmother).


And I hope I do her proud…

Would love for you to join us as we tell the stories that got us here.  A special sneak peek performance (with facilitated talkbacks afterwards) TODAY (Sunday, Feb. 24, 2019) at All Souls Church in Tulsa, OK, at all three services (10a and 11:30a). Full performances* open on Thursday, Feb 28, and run through Sunday, Mar 3.  Click here to buy tickets:


[ADVISORY: These World Stage Theatre Company presentations of Best of Enemies are considered PG-13 due to triggering language and subject matter. You are invited to step out for self-care as needed. However, you are encouraged to stay through the whole show in order to appreciate the complex and beautiful arc of the story.  *Additionally, professionally facilitated community talkbacks will be conducted after the weekend matinee performances only, due to evening show time restrictions.]