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No Competition for YOU

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Most of us have heard this at some point in our lives, but I’m about to say it again: NO ONE CAN BEAT YOU AT BEING YOU. We were all born with a “certain something” that is JUST ours, and various stages of life (as well as “well-meaning” loved ones) often teach us that “some” part of who we are is flawed and needs fixing. This cannot be further from the truth. Who you are is EXACTLY who YOU need to be in order to accomplish YOUR own UNIQUE life purpose.

Pay attention to who you REALLY are (at your core; the part that is unshakeable…and often unshapeable, to the chagrin of those who try). Shake off the debris of other people’s opinions for what that needs to look like, how that needs to act/perform, and the direction in which it needs to be headed. BECOME CLEAR, and invest time, energy and resources into making sure your clarity is preserved.

This does not mean that you become cemented wherever you currently are. To the contrary, it protects you and your process and allows you the freedom to identify and move within your respective season(s)…without comparing it to anyone else on THEIR respective journey in THEIR respective season…

(More to come…) #snippet