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White People: DO SOMETHING!

Dear White People:

I wanted to start this letter with positive affirmation, but decided against it. Not because it doesn’t exist… because I know it does. But I. AM. TIRED. OF. CODDLING. YOUR. FRAGILITY!!!

Black bodies (bodies that attend your so-called “intercultural” and “diverse” churches and schools, patronize and work in/on your businesses, coach/teach your children, etc.) are CONSTANTLY dying in the streets of “YOUR great land” and while you claim you are heartbroken, you say NOTHING in public. You post pictures of your cats, your dogs, recipes, your gardens, your new job titles, your “odd and intriguing” finds collected during your safe and protected walks, jogs, and travels WHEREVER THE HELL YOU WANT TO GO…and YET, your “outrage” is as elusive, convenient, and slippery as justice is for black people.

And I really do want to acknowledge your feelings…because I TRULY feel them with you. But this is not about that. This is about it being a #@!&(% miracle and cause for celebration every time my brothers, father, uncles, cousins, and loved ones make it home safely. This is about the LEGIT truth that black people deserve hazard pay just for leaving home to get groceries…let alone go to work/school/church/etc. and endure whatever b.s. your entitled and privileged friends are in the mood to distribute while we’re there. Because even if there is no police interaction during our sojourn, the toxic dosage of cortisol that gets distributed into our bodies every time we just NOTICE a police car or uniformed officer or random ass UNNECESSARY gun riding the hip of a guy with modern day “cowboys and Indians”-type fantasies (or should I call it “George and Trayvon” or “Arbery and McMichael” fantasies?) is equivalent to receiving microdoses of a lethal injection.

To my white friends wondering what you can do: ANYTHING, HELL!!!!! SPEAK THE F*** UP!!! Your racist friends and family should feel as UNCOMFORTABLE AROUND YOU as they are around me… BECAUSE YOUR STANCE IS KNOWN, not closeted.

And do it “UNTIL…” Until when you ask? My only answer is YES! And if you find yourself NOT being thanked for your HUMAN COMPASSION, keep going. We shouldn’t “have” to be grateful for your compassion in order to experience it. It shouldn’t take accolades, recognition, acknowledgement, incentives, and a parade to encourage you to protect your fellow/sister human being’s RIGHT TO BREATHE.

So get out of your feelings, grow a vagina (it endures much more than “a pair”, as the saying goes), and DO SOMETHING! And it’s not my responsibility to tell you what that something is… you won’t hear it from me anyway. [And even if you do, you’ll amend it to something YOU want to do.] How is it that we were exploited to build this STOLEN nation, trafficked to birth more FREE labor, sold and traded like cattle, used to actually nourish and nurse YOUR babies from our own breast, sent to the front lines of YOUR wars, AND NOW you’re looking at us to teach you how to restore your OWN soul? SEARCH WITHIN AND PAY ATTENTION. FIGURE THE SH*T OUT!!!

BUT IF YOU’RE STRATEGIZING to dismantle this f*ckshittery, you have my permission to blend in as seamlessly as you need to, in order to figure out how to crack the code on this intricately designed system. Because once it implodes from its greed, we’re gonna need to hang that obsolete blueprint within a frame made from the same trees on which my ancestors died.