The Walk

I was walking from my car on the long journey up the hill to the gym. [No, REALLY…if you saw the gym, you’d realize that the walk from the car to the doors of the building is a workout in and of itself.] And on this particular walk, I was feeling rather contemplative and was very alert and aware of my surroundings. The sky looked like a body of the most beautiful blue waters hovering overhead. The new spring leaves swayed ever so gently as if in rhythm with the spring breeze subtly whistling a gracious tune. All of the insects, birds, squirrels, and geese were co-existing in harmony. I wasn’t doing my usual swatting and dodging…and actually, I didn’t need to this time. It was such a serene and calm moment before working up a hearty sweat and giving my heart the massage it deserved. It was a perfect scene. And when the breeze changed directions, I got a whiff of something so breathtakingly aromatic I had to look for it.

I looked and I looked…inhaling as often as I could before it “passed” or before the breeze changed directions again, wafting it away from me. And I was baffled because I just KNEW that something that fragrant would be nearby, or at least that I’d be able to easy spot it as it stood out with its vibrant colors or thick foliage. But nope, nothing…or so I thought. As I kept walking (I told you it was a long walk…you thought I was exaggerating, didn’t you?), I looked around and noticed that I had been looking at those blossoms all along. They were the smallest and sweet-smelling WEEDS I’d ever encountered! Yes…“weeds”. I couldn’t believe it.

And even though I was looking right at ’em, I still kept trying to find the “real” flowers that were making my nostrils dance a happy two-step. Then it hit me that this is how I’ve been going through most of my life…looking for something “else” to which I could or would attribute my joy or fulfillment. Saying things like “when such-and-such happens, I’ll be happy”, or “when so-and-so finally gets here, I’ll be fulfilled”. Forfeiting the bliss of NOW. Overlooking the magic of THIS moment. Being blessed enough to breathe in the beauty of today and the succulence of the present…yet downplaying it to grasp at the straws of “someday”, “someone”, or “somehow”.

When I made that connection, it made the air even sweeter…because I wanted to make sure I was fully present and chose to appreciate the miracle of the moment. No, the source of the experience didn’t look the way I thought it should. It wasn’t packaged the way I figured something that engaging would. I was totally taken aback by the beautiful surprise that was surrounding me…and in that space, walking up that long hill, I was in awe. It was a holy moment for me. Because one shift of the wind, and being in the right state of mind to receive that new perspective caused me to dive into another depth and consider what I’d previously deemed as ordinary or even annoying or unkempt as a beautiful offering. What a walk!

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Me just being joy, frustration, grief, anger, love, and ignance--and there will be PLENTY of ignance. These are my personal and EVOLVING thoughts. I emphasize "EVOLVING" because I don't apologize for any uncomfortable or unsettling entries, as they represent where I was at the time of the entry. Proud to be an ever growing, developing, and becoming human being...and I'm honored to have you join me on the journey. Thanks for stopping by! View all posts by Expressions

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