May this be the most joy-, laughter-, and peace-filled holiday season you have ever known (whatever you may or may not celebrate).  Wisdom tells us to “think on things that are true, honest, lovely, and of good report…” and to “give thanks IN all things…” because all things are good, regardless of our perception of them.

We have all known the bliss of experiencing the things we want in life, because we’ve also experienced the offset of the sting of those things we would have certainly chosen to avoid or completely cut out of our lives…but what Wisdom would that be?

Of all the people you will encounter over the next couple of weeks, love every moment of that exchange…make of it what you want it to be.  If you wish for it to be harmonious, soul-warming, and beneficial, allow it to be.  If you wish (and plan) for it to be stressful, intense, annoying, or energy-consuming, allow it be and it will be.

Today, I know it’s not the “designated” time of giving thanks, but EVERY DAY is a good day for that.  And I’m actually giving thanks for the gift of each one of you…regardless of the depth of our knowledge of one another.  I acknowledge that we have been brought into each other’s lives for a purpose beyond what we may currently realize.  Therefore, I’m grateful for the gift of YOU – beyond your “personality”, your celebrity, or your physical casing, but for your true essence…the part of us that is connected from before we were ever introduced.  And I’m thankful for the perpetual “unwrapping” of the gift, as we continue forward.

May this season be one of reflection, of ultimate revelation, and may the peace that passes all understanding be yours simply because you are.  You deserve all the best that you can imagine for yourself…anyone who tells you anything other than this is an imposter – even if it’s you.  “Keep it real” is the saying of the era; this means knowing the truth, and being free because it resonates within the truth that you are.

About Expressions

Me just being me...in joy, frustration, grief, anger, love, and ignance--and there will be PLENTY of ignance. These are my personal and EVOLVING thoughts. I emphasize "EVOLVING" because I don't apologize for any uncomfortable or unsettling entries, as they represent where I was at the time of the entry. Proud to be an ever growing, developing, and becoming human being...and I'm honored to have you join me on the journey. Thanks for stopping by! View all posts by Expressions

3 responses to “HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

  • D'mitri Sobol

    So… Again, what can I say? I’ve treaded all over your writings already, so I should shut up. 🙂 But as a friend, I can’t. And it’s been a privilege. It’s interesting how we often get our wishes granted, but not in ways we imagined. Or perhaps the wrappings throw us off… Or, even that we enjoy the wrappings more than the gifts themselves; we don’t want to unwrap them… How silly… Well, that’s all I’m going to say at this point. The rest is for another day… The last thing I wanna say here is, thank you.

  • D'mitri Sobol

    I had to stop after this one. Somehow it was 4:30 am. (Maybe I’m a slow reader…) but it’s all good. Something that took you time and growth shouldn’t be consumed in one big bite maybe. I will have another night very soon, where I will seek inspiration and insight, so I will continue the journey then. 🙂

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